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Seedless watermelons are not the product of genetic modification, they are obtained by crossing diploid (with 2 sets of chromosomes) and tetraploid (four sets of chromosomes) parental lines. The result is a triploid hybrids (having three sets of chromosomes) which are not capable of forming the normal seeds.

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High taste qualities are shown by Style (6-8 kg) and Extasy F1 (Extazy F1) (mini - 1.5-2.5 kg, some fruit - up to 4 kg) seedless watermelons. These dark red watermelon flesh is crispy, sugar content - about 13-14% (for normal diploid watermelon sugar content is 9-11% Brix). A measure of sugar content of melon Raymond F1- 12-13%. The high sugar content in combination with a beautiful oval-elongated shape of large and very large fruit (up to 9.7 kg!) And a pronounced net define its uniqueness, and hence the demand in the market.

Watermelon is the champion of lycopene contents - the concentration of lycopene (which is good for the health) is much higher than in any other fresh fruit or vegetable. In fact, fresh watermelon contains even more lycopene than fresh tomatoes.
Lycopene (born Lycopene) - a carotenoid pigment that determines the color of the fruit of some plants (tomatoes, watermelon, etc.)., Has antioxidant properties. As many studies have shown that lycopene reduces the chance of prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also aligns the cholesterol metabolism, stimulates digestion and normalize appetite.
Watermelons also have useful properties for heart health due to natural low content of saturated fat.
Recent studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the consumption of watermelon and heart health, have been completed and published in March 2007. Here are the main conclusions drawn from this study: Watermelon contains amino acids such as arginine and citrulline, which normalize the blood pressure.
Watermelons increase usvaimoemost free arginine and citrulline, help maintain cardiovascular function.

Our products are grown in ecologically clean area of the Crimea, where the optimum temperature range and the bright southern sun create the best conditions in Ukraine for the most sweet fruit, grown without pesticides and herbicides that do not contain any harmful substances.

"Green Agro Crimea" Ltd. is growing watermelons and melons . The main direction - seedless watermelons.

Today we can offer several types of seedless watermelons, even with yellow flesh, super sweet watermelons with seeds and some types of melons.

Here you can buy seedless watermelons in bulk from the manufacturer in Ukraine

You can also view pictures of watermelons that we sell.

Our watermelons : Sagi, Extasy , Ortal, Sunday Specials , Amarillo (yellow watermelon) and melons: Piel de Sapo , Yellow Canary , Caribbean Gold , Cantaloupe and others.