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Our watermelons are grown in ecologically clean area of Crimea, where the optimum temperature range and the bright southern sun create the best conditions in Ukraine for the most sweet fruits, and it's no secret that the Crimean melons are the most delicious in Ukraine.

Seedless watermelons, which at the moment are new to the market - our main profile.

Today we offer several varieties of seedless watermelons, yellow seedless watermelons, usual watermelons and several types of melons.

Here you can buy seedless watermelons wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine.

You can also see the pictures of watermelons that we sell .

Our watermelons: Sagi, Extasy, Ortal, Sunday Specials, Amarillo (yellow flesh watermelons), and melons - Piel de Sapo, Yellow Canary, Caribbean Gold, Cantaloupe, Amal etc.