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About Green Agro Crimea Ltd.

Information for consumers:

The company "Green Agro Crimea" is working since 2009. We grow many types of watermelons in Crimea (south of Ukraine) - seedless, yellow melons of various kinds, and more!
Here you can buy seedless watermelons in bulk from the manufacturer and wholesale.

We export watermelons to Russia and the CIS countries. Is accredited by the customs, we will provide you with all the custom documents, including phytosanitary certificates.

Environmentally friendly Crimean region without industrial enterprises (north-west of the Crimea) , the soil - meadow and sandy loams, which is most suitable for the cultivation of melons, including the seedless watermelon, the area with the most appropriate temperature conditions and the number of cloudless days .

Our products are sold in many supermarkets.

At present, LLC "Green Agro Crimea" is a leader in the cultivation of seedless watermelon in Ukraine. The area of our fields - more than 200 hectares. Shipment of products a day - about 100 tons of watermelons.

Each year, we test new varieties and hybrids, and today can offer several types of seedless watermelons - Mini ( 2.5-4 ), Midi (5-7 ), Maxi (8- 12kg and more), with a different exterior color, form, and also with yellow flesh.